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For those lucky enough to have an elderly loved one in their life, Love From One was created for you. It’s a way of connecting to a special someone who has held an important role in your life, perhaps a grandparent, parent, aunt, uncle or a friend who became family. But the years have passed & their work is done, their families grown and now they are left with time, memories and all too often loneliness.


Despite our best efforts, sometimes the time we want to spend with them just isn’t the time we can. For whatever the reason, too much time has passed since the last time we saw them or even simply reached out. We have experienced first hand how difficult it is living away from an elderly loved one and we know how hard and lonely it is for them.


We know you can’t always be there, even when you want to. We understand. We’re you too.


And so Love From One was born. Two branches of four generations offering a way to keep in touch, even through your busiest days. A way to say ‘Hi, I’m thinking of you’. A way to let them know every month they are in our minds and our hearts, that they are not forgotten, but loved, cherished and oh so important. A way to connect.


We are honored you have chosen Love From One to play a role in this special connection.


To this day our grandmothers still sign every card “Love, From”.  So we send to all of your loved ones a personalized gift, created from love. And sent with Love, From you.


gifts for seniors

With Love, From


Hi, we are Chad & Jolea and we are the founders of Love From One. We are a family run Canadian business whose purpose is very close to our hearts.  


For both of us, growing up in tight knit families meant spending a large amount of time with Grandmas & Grandpas on their farms. From the early years, right through until today, our grandparents have played very important roles in our lives and now our children’s lives. They have been our care givers, our champions, the ones who spoiled us when we didn’t deserve to be, and the voices of wisdom over every stage of our lives.


For nearly a decade we lived far enough away that seeing family was rare. We missed so many special occasions and visits. We weren’t there when some of them passed. And now, although we live closer, we still don’t see them as often as we should. Life is busy and time has a way of slipping by.


All of our surviving grandparents currently live in assisted living facilities and the more time we spend with them there, the more we’ve come to realize that our story is also your story. For whatever the reason, the time you want to spend with them isn’t the time you are able to.


Love From One was created to help families reach out, a way to connect through the distance and the busy seasons of our lives. We want your loved one to know that even if you can’t be there as often as you would like, they are always being thought of. Our elders carried us in many ways over the years and so they hold a special place in our hearts. Let us not leave them in loneliness. We would love nothing more than to help you bring joy to the hearts and smiles to the faces of your elderly loved ones.


A family, for all its branches and complexities, is truly a remarkable thing. We are honored you have chosen to share yours with us. Thank you for letting us play a part in connecting the ones you love.


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