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Our Love From One Seniors box is filled with carefully thought out and hand chosen items geared specifically towards elderly family members and friends. Our goal is to provide a personalized gift that brings them joy. Items will change each month, giving your recipient a variety of products to enjoy. 

What you’ll find inside:

Your personal note

Send along a heart warming message. Your loved one will delight in hearing from you.

Sponsor a Senior boxes can also include a personalized note!

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Your personal pictures

Include up to five pictures to send your loved one. A perfect way to include them in your daily lives and provide them with memories to cherish.

Sponsor a Senior boxes will include photos of nature.

Personal Care

Basic hygiene & care items such as a toothbrush, lotion or other toiletries.


Mindful activities

A variety of activities to keep hands busy and minds engaged, including brain puzzles and crafts.

Image by Tanaphong Toochinda

Treats to Enjoy

Each box will include an array of hand chosen snacks to enjoy or share.



A box of Smarties will be included every month as a tribute to our new friend Sheilah, who waited so patiently every day, wanting nothing more than a box of Smarties & a visit from her son.
Sheilah, these are for you!

Our personal touch

Included in every box is a note from us describing the gifts they are receiving, as well as a postcard representing our

theme of the month. Our postcards reflect the beauty of Canada, the place we are proud to call home. Also included is an 

issue of The Old Post, a specifically curated newspaper created in house every month for our recipients. It is full

of positive historical stories, fun facts and puzzles, and will give them something to read or share again and again. Let them relive their coffee shop days, neighbourly visits and the best parts of the past with our historical highlights.

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